Hand candy for the hi-tech mobile traveler

Gems and precious metals from every corner of the world.

Mint Chrysoprase. Turquoise. Pink Sapphire. Boulder Opal. Lapis. Jade. Emerald. Blue Sapphire. Diamonds. Silver. Gold. White Gold. Rose Gold.

Vogue’s February 2013 issue discusses the “hands-on business” of the wi-fi generation.  The “tech accessory of the moment”? Rings! Peruse the amazing picks below and click to magnify.

If you’re always on your mobile, I’ve written a trillion articles about apps: travel, traveling like a local, sustainable travel and even finance.  Find the lists on my blogroll here, at Forbes.com.

Vogue_spread 1Vogue_spread 2Vogue_spread 3Another find and my personal favorite…Heirlooms’ diamond, emerald and opal ring.  Delish.


By Heirlooms: Edwardian 18-karat gold, diamond and opal ring.  Photo Credit: NET-A-PORTER.com

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