Iceland has been on my top five trip list for way too long. Travel photographer Jerome Berbigier took this gorgeous shot – his work is amazing.

Meet Brúarfoss, a natural wonder more commonly known as the ‘Turquoise River’. Brúarfoss translates to ‘Bridge Waterfall’ and its name is derived from a natural stone arch that crossed over the Brúará river many moons ago. The river turns into a small waterfall, full of cascading bright blue glacial waters. Wow.

And yes. The dark side of the moon really is turquoise.

Brúarfoss, Iceland

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Just brilliant!  World, I am back from across the pond and after a month of traveling, some medical woes, and some major post-design job decompression, I have returned to you.

To make up for my absence, I thought I would post a double dose of Adore A Door – two doors in one!  I spotted these while wandering around my new favorite neighborhood in East London, Shoreditch.  The area is filled with beautiful street art and Whitby Street is no exception.

This entry caught my eye immediately.  What can I say, I’ve always been drawn to geometric graphics.  The lines and triangles are great on their own, but the combination of colors really stood out to me.  I love the use of primaries with pastels and the black and white striping mimicking the iron gate.

 I am not sure who or what resides here, but I took the message to heart: “LAUGH MORE.”  That’s a…

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Fashion inspired by art, art inspired by nature. Whichever way it goes, it’s great. I guess you could say that my obsession with Taffin has reached another level. James Claude Taffin de Givenchy is a French born, New York-based jewelry designer and a descendant of the Givenchy fashion house. His jewelry company, Taffin, blows my mind. Each piece he designs is usually one of a kind and many of them are auctioned off. Taffin is currently the creative director for Sotheby’s. I love this guy. Pictured below is his stunning ceramic tree brooch with pear shaped diamonds.

I cannot get over how ridiculously talented people are, how they envision something so beautiful in their mind and manage to create it seamlessly with their hands. The striking resemblance of the Taffin tree to Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting below is amazing. Maybe they’ve both taken trips to Lake George? ;)

From the Lake (Lake George), No. 3, 1924, Georgia O’Keeffe