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Sea to Sky_BC

Cruising down Sea to Sky highway in BC

My newest travel article recounts my recent trip to Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Lately I’m finding that totally random trips are the most fun.  Being in the mountains for a few days reminded me of living in Boulder, CO, where I went to college.  After class (or during…let’s be honest) we’d drive into the mountains just because we could.  Living in an awesome city surrounded by nature is the way to go.  Close proximity to cosmopolitan life and to trees, mountains and rivers is an incredible, healthy lifestyle.  Vancouverites travel 45 minutes out of the city to Squamish and Brackendale for a break.  Head a bit further up north, and you’re in Whistler.  Not a bad way to live.

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Yellow reflections in Udaipur

Yellow reflections in Udaipur

They told us that the sunsets in Udaipur, India, a city known for its 7 lakes, were special.

“The water here picks up colors after 5 pm that aren’t visible during the day,” they said.  We believed them; but you have to see it for yourself to really comprehend this type of natural beauty.  Pay close attention to the specific designs in the water – you couldn’t create those shapes and shades on your own without atmospheric inspiration.  Each wave is like an intricate mosaic.

Udaipur is an absolutely stunning Indian city.  In fact, the best day I’ve ever had in my life was in Udaipur.  The sun woke me up in the morning, I visited my favorite palace, City Palace (the prettiest I’ve ever seen), I had an Ayurveda massage in the afternoon, a sunset cruise at dusk and a dockside, starry-skied dinner as my evening activity.

Dressing the part in India is a dream come true…floor length dresses, sheer textiles to beat out the hot sun and traditional Indian floral embroidery and patterns…I’ve never felt as languid and natural as I did while in India.  Could you ask for more?

Here are a few photographs from the sunset cruise, and stay tuned for my Udaipur writeup on Forbes.;)

Boat on lake_Udaipur

White reflections_UdaipurBathing_Udaipur Swirl_Udaipur Small boat_Udaipur Golden waves_UdaipurMulti_Udaipur Marine blue_Udaipur Sand_UdaipurBlue reflections_Udaipur

Screenshot of Emerald City featured in “In Transit,” The New York Times. Click image to expand.

I was excited to hear that my recent Forbes article “The Billion Dollar Travel Trend You’ve Never Heard Of” was mentioned in the travel blog In Transit The article was featured in the Morning Walkabout, a new section that highlights trending travel articles daily.  It’s under the caption “Traveling to Shop.”

The article reports on a thriving travel trend called “shopping tourism,” the concept that shopping opportunities have a meaningful impact in consumer’s travel decisions.

As “A Guide to Intelligent Travel,” In Transit is an insider’s eye on the travel industry at large.  I read it regularly because it covers travel from all angles: international festivals, the arts, hospitality, food, air travel, spending patterns and other travel treats.

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